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TelexHealth was the winning project from HealthXL’s Hack Ageing event in Melbourne in mid 2015. Hack Ageing was aimed at creating solutions for the ageing population. My team created a data gathering platform that leverage legacy technologies like scehduled phone calls to enable remote data gathering for elderly patients who were resistent to technology. We also had a parallel project to create an iPhone application for use by elderly people who weren’t so resistent to technology and had moved into the world of smartphones. The aim of this project was to make the application as easy and no fuss to use as possible and the focus was on usability. Both the phone call facility and the iPHone application provided a data feed to a dashbaord, so that cilinicians could build a picture of the longitudinal data associated with a particular metric. Example uses cases were a patients weight, to prevent malnutrition, or blood glucose level, to prevent complications from Diabetes.