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Girror (portmanteau of gambling mirror) was a project created for Health Hack 2014. HealthHack is a free event that brings researchers, students and healthcare professionals together with other scientists, software developers, educators, engineers and designers to create innovative solutions to interesting problems. HealthHack is strictly not for profit and run by volunteers. Girror was the second place winner for 2014.

We are a group of Monash researchers in psychology, psychiatry, and statistical time-series analysis that would like to develop a smartphone app that logs location, time, emotional state (through questionnaires), and some measures of alertness (e.g., through a simple reaction time task embedded in the app). We are hoping to use this app to answer a diverse set of research questions of interest to our group, including how mood and alertness effect decision-making, how addiction behaviours manifest in the real world, and how sleep quality affects daytime alertness and behaviour. We are particularly interested in developing new time-series analysis techniques to develop individual prediction models for these unique datasets, information that could be used to inform interventions and to cluster individuals based on their behavioural responses. The potential size of datasets that we can collect using such an app, and the richness of the temporal sampling is unprecedented in our field, and we are really excited to have the opportunity to pursue this new paradigm in data collection and analytics!